Music that wakes up the gold in you

Music is the language of the heart. Gold resides in the heart. Your gold. I make music to bring out that gold. I do this with mantras and heart songs.

You are an essential part of the creation process. The music is created based on your input. What is it that wants to sing in your life?

Mantra Monday

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Heart songs

A song created just for you.
A gift for special moments.

Jasper’s song spoke directly to my soul and stirred the sense of connection to life in me.

Martha Rijkmans

Music and connection

Music, healing and spirituality are one and the same for me. I see music as a means to connect with you, the land of the heart and the world of spirit. We can find a deep place in ourselves where wholeness lives. I see music as a great way to get there.

Jasper Merle

Jaspers music is coming from such a pure and deeply connected place that it cannot not touch your heart. He is capable of bringing forth the most beautiful songs specifically for you, songs that will resonate with the parts in you that want to be held and felt, strengthened and seen. The song that he made for me on the spot during a concert has touched me every time I hear it and has helped me transform an old pain in a beautiful way. 

Hester van Toorenburg

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