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Heartsongs & healing

Heartsongs are songs that come up in the moment, inspired by Spirit. They help to reconnect with who you truly are. To let go of old beliefs so that your True Self can shine!

You can listen to some examples here.

Heartsong for

Dr. Nicole Pera

Back to who you Are

This song came up during a love interview I did with Dr. Nicole LePera. We talked about her books and her work. She inspires so many people to empower and heal themselves. This is a song to connect with who you truly are.

heartsong voor 

Patty Harpenau

Inner Heart

Every Monday morning I speak with Dutch author Patty Harpenau in the Spiritual Talk Show. She is the author of many wonderful books, including The Life Codes, published worldwide. This song was born during one of those mornings.

heartsong voor

Maarten Oversier

Hands of the Creator

Maarten Oversier wrote a wonderful and bestselling book about healing and connecting with our ancestors. We spoke about the way the Native Americans see our being here on Earth. This song sings about that!

Jaspers Heartsong opened light and understanding in my heart and showed me what beauty is already there waiting for me. At moments the melody, text and especially the message of this song comes back, remembers me of what’s important and empoweres again and again.


Book a Heartsong for yourself

We all have moments when we can use something extra on our healing journey. Some encouragement, some support. To bring light in darker places. To feel the connection with yourself and with Spirit. To let your Heart be touched and moved.

In a Heartsong session we connect with who you are, with your unique presence. This makes itself heard in the song that comes up for you.
You can bring in a theme that is on your heart, that you would like to bring attention to. The Heartsong can help to bring healing on yur path. It opens up to a higher consciousness, your higher self. So that you can walk on, in trust and love.

Would you like to connect deeply and lightly with yourself? Let go of old stuff and empower your unique presence?

A Heartsong session is a 30 minute session on Zoom with a meditation and a unique Heartsong. You can book yours for 77 dollar.

Interested? Please send me an email by clicking on the button below to make an appointment!

Dear Jasper, Thank YOU!
I am still very inspired and amazed from your special gift, your very beautiful and profound voice and this special offer to the world!
The song, my song, is sooo beautiful and I every time I hear something new. It is like a shimmering stone, brilliant. And it reminds me every time to trust and surrender in my path/to the universe, in its own magical way.


Love and healing

I am Jasper Merle and I sing songs in connection with Spirit.

Music has always been a tool for me. To connect with myself, with the Heart and with other dimensions. In a long and difficult healing process, I used music, sound and energy to heal myself. I found out that Love is the greatest key to setting oneself free from old pain and beliefs.

It feel that coming back to (self)love makes healing possible. So this is what I offer in my work now.

Heartsongs, healing energy and meditation, to come back to who you truly are, here to shine as Love.

Jasper merle

Jaspers music is magical! Its coming from such a pure and deeply connected place that it cannot not touch your heart. He is capable of bringing forth the most beautiful songs specifically for you, songs that will resonate with the parts in you that want to be held and felt, strengthened and seen. The song that he made for me on the spot during a concert has touched me every time I hear it and has helped me transform an old pain in a beautiful way. I love the diversity of the music he makes, but all songs are carrying the magic of creation itself.

Book a Heartsong for yourself

If you'd like to receive a Heartsong for yourself, please send me an email. We can make an appointment for an online Zoom session!

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